In keeping with our mission statement, we only offer grants to Christian, Bible-believing families. We desire to see children placed in homes where they will be taught about the Savior in hopes for a second, and more important, spiritual adoption into God’s family. You can read about our beliefs here.

We are a small organization consisting of 6 board members and we desire to be about more than just money. Often times, we will request either a phone or skype interview in addition to your paper application. Our intentions are to build relationships with one another, to be encouraging and supportive of your family now and after your child(ren) come home.

As we consider adoption grant applications, the following criteria will be applicable:

  • The parents must have an approved home study and be matched with a child.
  • Sparrow’s preference would be for two-parent families.
  • The parents must consist of one man and one woman.
  • Both parents must demonstrate an understanding of the Gospel.
  • Both parents must express a clear profession of faith in the Gospel.
  • Both parents must have a clear commitment to the same local church.
  • The church must be a Bible-believing evangelical church.  This requires that the church believe that Jesus Christ’s death on the cross is the only means of satisfying the wrath of God.  The church CANNOT believe that there is anything else (additional signs, works, etc.) required for salvation. The church also must have an orthodox understanding of the Trinity and of Jesus as both fully-God and fully-man.
  • Both parents must demonstrate a basic understanding of sin and its existence in the heart of every child.
  • The parents must show a basic level of fiscal responsibility.
  • The parents must show a clear fiscal need.
  • The child being adopted must be a child (not an embryo).


You can download our grant application here. Please email us if you have any questions.